*** Since our session today I have miraculously set up my own email address...thatís progress for you.† I havenít eaten any chocolate yet and itís 6.30!† I hope Iím not going to have nightmares about those slugs!†

Jen† J

Sunrise Hypnotherapy

Professional Caring and Confidential .

Well, I owe you and enormous THANK YOU as I have not smoked since (coming to you) AND as I have put away £5.70 EVERY single day, I now have £500 and coming up to £500 in Premium Bonds.† I would recommend that money saver for anyone.† Thank you so much.

Averil L

Sharon J

Thank you so much for the hypnotherapy sessions.† I could not have got through my first week back at work without them.† I honestly donít† think I would have been able to even contemplate starting another job without your help.† I canít thank you enough.

Lorraine Y

Thanks very much for the hypnotherapy sessions, itís all been very positive†

*** The results of hypnotherapy vary from person to person as some people are more responsive than others